About Us

Dear parents,


- We are a mixed Belgian-Bulgarian family which has two wonderful children aged 1-3 years old. Certain time ago we decided we no longer wanted to run around and change different kindergartens hoping our children would receive the best care possible and hoping they’d be properly educated. Therefore we dared to launch our own educational daycare center, where we could provide all the children the best they need, apart from the love of their dear parents.


So this is it: made from parents for parents…


Located at the foot of Vitosha mountain, between the two main hiking paths of the most beloved park in Sofia is our daily education center “Les Papillons”: here each kid is welcomed in a “home’’ environment like a member of our family and treated with love, care and specific attention. Because like you, we believe that each child deserves a personalized approach, every day we strictly monitor the needs and the state of each of our little members.

Based on specifically developed program, the day of our kids is full with random activities making every day rich in terms of games, but also we provide a variety of focused approaches to turn the education into fun and provoke their interest in it. We offer one different mix of playtime, creative activities and educative moments.


One of our main goals is to make each child interact with the rest and become part of the team in its own unique way.


  • Additionally, to guaranty the safety and the quality of our work, we are constantly present in the center, next to our staff and the children. We are an integral part of their day.
  • Our staff is strictly selected and has both pedagogic skills and experience with small kids. Moreover our colleagues are multilingual, speaking fluent French and English. We have chosen it so, since in “Les Papillons” we believe, the more the small children are early stimulated to different languages, the easier and faster they develop language skills. Therefore in addition to the already mentioned languages, we also propose optional activities in German and Dutch, by offering to each kid a service “A la carte”.
  • Weekly our children have a variety of activities such as storytelling, drawing, painting, bricolage, psychomotricity, music class, dancing class, kids sport, fruits and veggies discovering, nature school and many more, considering their age and the time of the year.
  • Also on a weekly basis, the respective program and the progress of each child are being summarized in its personal carnet, which is given to the parents at the end of the relevant week.
  • Additionally four times per year we also offer the possibility to receive a selection of pictures from your own kid made by our team, during the whole year.





It is indeed rather not surprising our own children were the primary reason for creating the educational center “Les Papillons”. As all the parents we would like the best for our successors and we are now inviting you to join us in this journey and make the childhood of our kids memorable, exciting and beneficial.