The Educational program

Each of the weeks is dedicated to a certain theme, which we try to express within our educational and art activities.

Our program represents a mix of activities that make each day special, which brings wonderful emotions and memorable moments. It consist of accumulation of knowledge in the specific language (French or English), learning more for our planet, getting into the depth of the music, visiting the world of the Fairy tales, but also a lot of games, connected with the psyhomotricity of the kids, discovering and the development of their purely creative interests and their introduction to the nature in details.


- Educational classes (math, geography, biology)

- Drawing / painting

- Creative activities

- Dancing / singing

- Role play

- Outdoor activities

- “We care about the nature” program

- Psychomotricity



- Theater

- Cooking

- Gardening

- Swimming

- Skiing (seasonal)

- Specialized music classes

- Horse riding



- Mountain trekking

- Picnicking

- Visits of educational sites (zoo, museums, art galleries and etc.)


The parents are invited to participate in various aspects of the program and are encouraged to share any area of expertise, knowledge or something of interest with the children.  An appropriate time for this would be when being a parent helper throughout a session.  Examples of this include playing a musical instrument, speaking another language, being a Pilates instructor, enjoying cooking, being a builder, or enjoying gardening. The main purpose is each participating parent to be positioned as a role-model in the relevant area of experience.


Our structure offers additional activities, which are not daily, but regular, such as mountain trekking, picnicking, swimming, yoga, additional specialized music class.

*Other activities are possible, upon demand.