How to list my property

  • Click  List your property on the top left corner of the  website.
              SETTINGS [7]
              MANAGE MY ROOM TYPES [4]
              MY PROPERTIES[6]
              MANAGE MY VACANCIES[5]
              Click > CREATE NEW ROOM TYPE [1]  
              LIST YOUR PROPERTY [2]
             CREATE VACANCIES [3]


  • Click > CREATE NEW ROOM TYPE[1] from the menu.


Enter property type: Hotel
Enter property type name: Universo
Enter  city: Turin
Enter country: Italy
  1. Example : Hotel Universo Turin Italy.  Do not add commas or full stops.


  • Describe your property
Describe your property + describe facilities then Click > Create.
Continue with Featured Image.
Featured image   Add one Bedroom image
Gallery images    Add more images + bathroom,kitchen etc.
Minimum adult count   Allow minimum adults / Beds count
Minimum child count    Allow minimum children / Beds count
Maximum adult count   Allow maximum adults / Beds count
Maximum child count    Allow maximum children / Beds count
Bed size    eg 190 x 45 or double bed etc
Room size   eg  30sqm. Your room size is?
Room meta information > Important for search engines.
Facilities >  Please  choose  facilities  for your property.
 Do not add facilities  for a property room if the room  does not possess these properties!
This way you are misleading  customers and they will be tempted to refresh the search.
 Always choose different facilities in Create new room type and different  facilities in List your   property.
 The facilities  you create in Create new room type are listed only when a client clicks  the more info button next to a listed property on  the search result page.
            Click   UPDATE  > Now we have created one room type.
           Click   more info on published properties  to see the facilities/hide facilities button.


How can I  add more rooms  to one property
          Click   create new room types[1]  from the menu.
          Title  continue with the same  titl

Describe your property

We have  described our property in  Hotel Universo Turin Italy
 Describe  Hotel Universo Turin Italy or copy the same text from Hotel Universo Turin Italy
  Click   create
  Continue with   featured Image   add 1 image.
 Gallery images    Add more gallery images + bathroom, kitchen .
            Complete the rest.
            Click   UPDATE
  • Click on  LIST YOUR PROPERTY[2] from the menu.
 Enter property type : Hotel
 Enter property type name:  Universo
 Enter street name and street no: Corso Peschiera 166
 Enter city code:  10138
 Enter  city: Turin
 Enter country: Italy
 eg: Hotel Universo Corso Peschiera 166 10138 Turin Italy.
 Do not add commas or full stops.
Describe your property  Do not add text!

 Click   CREATE

 Continue with   Featured image

Featured image

Add front page image  not room image!
 Gallery images  Add more images + bathroom,kitchen etc.
Rent type   Choose from Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis .
Disabled room types   Do not click on “Disabled room types” > disables  Room type
Is priced per person  Are you charging per person or one entity.
Is for reservation only  Do not click
Hide inquiry form  Do not click
Room type  If  Hotel Universo Turin Italy is left unclicked it will not be displayed in CREATE VACANCIES
Click  in the empty box to activate  “Hotel Universo Turin Italy”
Star rating   Choose star category.
Accommodation type   What type of property do you own? Apartment, Hotel etc.
Location    Find your country and click on your city!

Facilities  Please  choose  facilities  for your property!  Important! 

 Do not add facilities if your room  does not offer !

This way you a misleading customers and they will be tempted to refresh the  search.
Also do not add less facilities to your property if your property has more to offer.
The facilities  you choose in List your property are listed  on the search result page, and clients search a property by clicking on a facility option /you have provided.
Customers also like to search by price per night, property type,facilities  and then  they will click  the search button to  see  property offers.
Tags  Click on your property type only. Apartment , Hotel , Hostel etc
Minimum days stay Allowed min days stay
Maximum days stay  Allowed max days stay
Allowed check-in day of the week > leave  Any day
Allowed check-out day of the week >leave  Any day
Address> Must be included and not left empty!
Website address> Must be included and not left empty!
Availability extra text  >Add in extra text special requirements people must know of.
Contact email addresses > *  must add a second  email adress.
Latitude coordinates >   leave empty! Clients click on Google maps from the home page.
Longitude coordinates >leave empty! Clients click on Google maps from the home page.
Cancellation / Prepayment
           Check-in time>  allow check in time.
           Check-out time>  allow check out time.
            Phone > Must be included and not left empty!.
  • Click > CREATE VACANCIES[3] from the menu 
You rooms become vacant only when you select dates on your calendar
Season name > Choose:  Spring,Summer,Autumn or Winter?
Accommodation > Click on Select accommodation, Click on accommodation.
Room type  Click > Select  your room type , Click on room type
Number of available rooms > select 1 room or more.
Price per day  > Set a price for your property.
Weekend price per day > Price is different from daily price.
  • Start date 
Do not activate short calendar/vacancy dates:
Rooms become vacant only when we activate dates on the calendar.
Calendar icon is to your right

Select one  Start date.

Select one End date.

Eg. Start date: 5th of April 2019. Up to you
Eg. End date: 30th of April 2019. Up to you
Room is  vacant until 30th of April 2019
Eg. Start date: 5th of April 2019: Good
Eg. End date: 30th of October 2019: Good
Room is vacant until 30th of October 2019.Good
Click   CREATE    Congratulations you have listed your property!
Click  My accommodations on the top right corner of the  website to view your property or click  My properties from the menu to view your property.
  • Click  MY PROPERTIES[6]  to edit  list your property page [2]
Click   EDIT to edit text or images in list your property.
Your  property is awaiting publishing.
Your property will be visible in the next 48 hours.


  • Click  MANAGE MY ROOM TYPES[4]  to edit create new room types [1]
 If no room types were created in CREATE NEW ROOM TYPES[1]
 No rooms types can be edited in MANAGE MY ROOM TYPES[4]
Title >Hotel Universo Turin Italy ,Hotel Universo Turin Italy .
Click > see facilities . Room facilities are  displayed.
Click > EDIT   edit text/image.
Click > UPDATE.
  • Click  MANAGE MY VACANCIES[5] to  edit create vacancies [3]
Click  > Select accommodation
Click > on  property.
We have  2  vacancies. Hotel Universo Turin Italy ,Hotel Universo Turin Italy .
Click   EDIT  on Create vacancies page and edit  text .
Delete vacancies
Click > DELETE
Pete’s guest house Room 1 is not vacant but is still visible by the public.
How to reset vacancy Room 1
Click > Create vacancies[3]
Create a new room vacancy for Room 1 from the beginning.

Thank you for choosing