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This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM collected in order to provide you with services as objects of SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM implement policies to protect personal data, Data collected by you on paper, completed in person by you or by our representative and under contract or other legal methods to collect personal data.

Through this declaration we inform you about our practices that apply to the protection of your data and your rights. If you have any objections, you can contact us by written application (including by electronic means) Overview In the collection and processing of your personal data, The Website is subject to a number of laws and legal rules which provide for how to carry out these actions for what purposes and what guarantees the protection of personal data to be applied.

The relevant legislation includes, but is not limited to the General Regulation on the protection of personal data (Regulation (EU) 679/2016), the Labor Code, the Law on Personal Data Protection Act, the Accounting Law of Obligations and Contracts Act social security Act, the consumer protection Law on electronic commerce, and issued pursuant to these regulations.

1. What personal information we collect from you , which are explicitly mentioned in the law, such as are necessary for the conclusion of a treaty with you, or data necessary for the provision of services or data necessary for the implementation of the action SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM of’ll let you know in a clear and transparent manner in the event that you need to collect your personal data which are not explicitly mentioned in the law as required, but our team has a legitimate interest in their collection or need to protect your vital interests.

2. Data collected from other sources We may collect information about you from other legitimate sources to provide you quality our services. Such sources of information are our partners (in case you are agreed) as well as publicly available information. This information includes: – information to contact you; – publicly available information with data on persons representing you.

3. Why do we collect data and how we use them collect your personal data in connection with the activities of SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM and in connection with the use or presentation of our site services to your company or you personally. We collect personal data from you to allow us to identify you, and because of legal requirements to the SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM

4. Your Consent Except where we collect personal data on the basis of law, a legitimate interest or to protect your vital interests We will ask for your agreement.We will use your personal data only after your explicit consent for a particular purpose. You have the right, if later you change your mind, to withdraw your consent.

5. Disclosure of your data to third parties SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM disclose your personal data – only to government bodies, institutions and persons who are obliged to provide personal data by law; – persons who award maintain equipment or provide accounting services; SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM take measures and obliges people to apply the same protection to your personal data as well as our own employees and to comply with policy SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM protection of personal data.

6. Measures to protect SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM collect, process and store personal data in compliance with all legal requirements and implementing adequate technical and organizational security measures. In order to maximum security processing, transmission and storage of personal data used where necessary and further safeguards such as encryption pseudonymisation and others.

7. Period (period) in which we store your personal data. Your personal data is stored by SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM for the period specified by law, depending on the purpose for which they were collected. In case of absence of such a legal term, SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM assumed to store your data for a reasonable period set based on additional criteria. The criteria for determining the period are consistent with our desire to provide you with high quality services, as well as normal development of our partner relationships. Our goal is storing your personal data require minimal action on your part in re-registration or re-submission of data. Where personal data we collect are no longer required for the purposes we delete them or destroying them in another appropriate manner.

8. Your right to access and receive information – You have the right to request access to your personal data at any time. – You have the right to know what personal data we process about you and how we use them, how they are stored. – To exercise your right to access, send us a request for access.

9. Your right to adjustment also have the right to ask SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE.COM to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data. A request to access or update your personal data can be sent to:

10. Other / Your rights above the rights you are entitled to ask for your personal data – to be deleted – to ask for limiting the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time; – you have a right to data portability. Listed rights depend on the specific reason why we process your personal data. In many cases, we are required by law to store your personal data for a certain period. In this case it is not possible to delete from our systems your personal data. Refer to our staff if you have questions.

11. Right/ To appeal If you find that we violate your rights Contact us to investigate the case of also have the right to make a claimto the supervisory body – Commission for Protection of Personal Data.

12. Update / upgrade This statement is revised and updated on a regular basis in order to have as clear, accurate, transparent and encompass newly changes. Date of its last update: 01.03. 2019 SUMMERHOTELSEUROPE,COM – Site nights Online reservation and nights city. V.Tarnovo ul.K.Zidarov 16 Bulgaria.

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